Accessible Information Standard

In England, people with a sensory impairment and/or learning disability, as well as parents and carers, have the right to accessible information and/or communication support when using health and social care services.

Please tell us if your speech, language or communication needs (SLCN) require us to provide information in a in a different format or offer communication support.

SLCN needs can include the following:

The scope of the Standard extends to individuals (patients and service users, and where appropriate the parents and carers of patients and service users) who have information and / or communication support needs which are related to or caused by a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

This means that if a person is deafblind or has a dual sensory loss and needs information such as appointment letters in a format other than standard print, or an interpreter for a health or social care appointment, this must be provided for them.

Whilst the Accessible Information Standard does not cover those who need information translated because English isn’t their first language, or other aspects of accessibility in care such as signage or hospital transport, language interpretation services can be arranged by prior appointment.