Delays to Patient Letters

Unfortunately there is a nationwide delay in letters being sent to high risk patients regarding COVID 19.


We are working our way through all of our patient records and if you are classed as very high risk you will receive a letter shortly. Once all the letters have been sent, we will put an update on our website. If you do not receive this letter by this time, but feel you are very high risk, contact the Practice and your query will be sent to the GP. Please note that just because you are entitled to have a flu jab, DOES NOT automatically mean that you should shield indoors for 12 weeks.

Social distancing is essential for everyone, therefore it is imperative that you should adhere to the National Guidelines, whether you receive a letter or not.

If you are not sure if you fall into a high risk category please read our recent news post providing useful information for patients with long-term health conditions. The information will help clarify this for you.

We appreciate that this is a confusing time for patients but we are endeavouring to get this information out to those patients most at risk as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.